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Lower School

PK – 5th Grade Ratio 1:12

Young children develop attitudes about learning based on their earliest experiences in school. With this in mind, Crenshaw offers a nurturing, safe environment and a distinct, sequenced program specifically designed to meet the needs of its Lower School students.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum inspires children to love learning by instilling positive attitudes and motivation, teaching strong basic learning skills, introducing a wide variety of disciplines, and fostering early social skills.

From the age of four, Crenshaw guides each child towards self-confidence and independence in a supportive and challenging environment. Your truly educated child of the new millennium will move beyond knowledge and skills to cultivate priceless habits of mind. Habits of mind include one’s desire to craft provocative questions born out of curiosity, to reflect on the nature of one’s own thinking, to synthesize old concepts into new ones and to weave together diverse perspectives into one coherent idea. These habits of mind support lifelong learning, learning that transforms our understanding of the world.

Middle School

6th – 8th Grade Ratio 1:15

Designed to meet the varied needs of the early adolescent, the Middle School integrates subjects, study skills, community service, athletics, and social and personal growth activities into its program. It offers a challenging and enriching experience, preparing students for the Upper School’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

The curriculum combines the core subjects – math, English, science, social studies, and foreign language – as well as fine arts, technology, and physical education to develop the six potentials of each student. Students have the opportunity to choose courses that stimulate and challenge them academically.

Crenshaw’s Middle School builds upon the academic foundation laid in the earlier years. In grades six through eight, basic skills are solidified as students expand their knowledge of literature, social studies, mathematics, science, computer, health, and performing arts. It is at this time, after interdisciplinary exposure to Spanish in the Lower School, that students begin formal instruction of modern language.

The demanding course of study exposes students to a broad knowledge base and readies them for the scholastic commitments expected in our college preparatory Upper School. All classes are small and discussion-based. Middle School curriculum is interdisciplinary, multicultural and is designed to stretch students’ thinking from the concrete to the abstract. Our approach keeps enthusiasm high, while helping students use facts and techniques, and apply concepts creatively to both individual and group work.

Crenshaw attends to the developmental needs specific to adolescents by addressing and supporting the increased need at this level for good organization, routine study skills, responsibility for one’s work and mature social behavior.

Upper School

9th – 12th Grade Ratio 1:15

The Upper School offers a strong and varied program that provides numerous opportunities for students to demonstrate their individual strengths and develop their potential. The rigorous college-preparatory program, which includes Honors and Advanced Placement courses in each discipline in addition to a diverse selection of electives, prepares students for the college and university setting.

The curriculum is designed to inform, challenge, and stimulate students as they are being prepared for college and lifelong learning. The focus is not only on the content of the liberal arts, but also on the acquisition of skills that will enable young people to solve varying problems in an ever-changing world. Courses are designed to actively engage students in the learning process, to build ongoing relationships with faculty and peers, and to achieve academic independence as a hallmark of their endeavors.

Crenshaw presents Upper School students with the challenges in all disciplines while encouraging them to pursue individual interests and community relationships.

The curriculum — taught in small, seminar-style classes — emphasizes methods of inquiry as well as written and oral expression necessary to the study of mathematics, the physical and social sciences, the humanities and modern languages. Students continue to develop and refine their skills and knowledge in the arts. They are also required to complete a computer science requirement and engage in community service. In an atmosphere and physical setting that promote both independence and responsibility, students can elect to take Honors and independent study.

Dual Enrollment Program

11th and 12th graders are encouraged to participate in Dual Enrollment at Valencia Community College or University of Central Florida for one or two classes per semester. Students must have a B average or above in order to register and apply to this program. This experience enhances their college admissions process and ensures their capacity to meet the challenges of future schooling. Crenshaw has utilized this Dual Enrollment program with great success for juniors and seniors. It is always awe-inspiring to watch how our students grow and are instilled with confidence and maturity during this time.