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Why come to our school?

Crenshaw is committed to helping the students do more than acquire basic facts and skills. Crenshaw provides a child-centered environment which is properly focused on every child as a learner. Our goal is to give students the means by which they can think, understand and apply their knowledge in intellectual and practical problem-solving.

International Student Program

The Crenshaw School welcomes students from other countries. Crenshaw is a SEVP Approved School (SEVIS I-20) and has an established and successful international program. Our small classes and nurturing school community offer international students a supportive and stimulating environment in which to further their general education while expanding their skills in English. Immersion in the American culture enriches both the international student and Crenshaw’s American students. The Coordinator of the International Student Program works closely with each student and family to develop an individualized schedule. Our international students are placed in mainstreamed classes in several of the content areas while receiving English as a Second Language support and instruction.

International students enter our program in several ways. Some students discover Crenshaw through consultants in their native land. Others come from families who recently moved into the area, students in professional sports or from looking for schools via the Internet. Regardless of how they find Crenshaw, the ISP can offer support in several ways:

1. Provision of English as a Second Language classes.
2. Assistance and advice regarding I-20 forms and visas.
3. Records maintenance through the SEVIS program.

For international student admission, please complete the form on this page and an admissions officer will contact you with additional information.