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What’s the Difference Between ESL & ESOL?

Monday, 05 September 2022 23:46

When it comes to learning English as a non-native speaker, you may be surprised by the number of available course types and terms used. You have probably heard of ESL (English as a Second Language) or ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages), but throw in EFL, ELL, and ESP, and there are a lot of potential options.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Tuesday, 02 August 2022 12:28

Parents do everything they can to make sure their kids have the best life. We want to make sure our children have everything we didn’t have and grow into responsible, kind adults. Parents make dozens of decisions every day. Many of those decisions feel like they might have substantial impacts on their futures. 

What should they eat? What should they wear? How much should we put in college savings? What sports should they play? The list of questions we have to answer is endless. One of the biggest concerns we have is figuring out how to keep them safe. 

Sometimes, summer feels like a welcome break from school. It can feel like a necessity and that it can’t come soon enough. Do you feel like the school year is a hectic, frenetic fight to try to keep your children on track? As summer draws to an end and the new school year rapidly approaches, do you wish there could be a better way?

Establishing a routine for the school year is key to helping your kids stay ahead of their schoolwork, improve performance, and potentially even enjoy learning. Here are seven key tips for establishing an effective school routine. 

Whether it’s fall, winter, spring, or summer break, it can seem like a chore to get back into the school groove. Summer may be especially tough because of the longer amount of time a student has out of the regular school routine. 

It’s always nice to have a break, or a vacation, where there are few responsibilities, and you can relax. Your child can still enjoy all of that while also setting themselves up for success when it comes to having to return back to school.