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Spirit Week 2021

Thursday, 09 December 2021 16:44
This week has been Spirit Week! Check out our students' outfits for the week, including "Heritage Day," "The Roaring 20's," and "Culture Day."

When your eyes first meet those of your newborn, it is hard to imagine them ever growing up. It seems like they will be that tiny forever. 

As they grow, we celebrate as they accomplish milestones such as rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking. We even try to hurry them along, coaxing them to take their first steps and speak their first words. 

As they reach their toddler years, we may want to rush them through the “terrible twos” and “threenager” phases. However, as they begin preschool and kindergarten, we start wishing they could stay little forever. 

Although we might want to prolong their elementary school years as long as possible, our little ones are getting older, whether we like it or not. Parents must take steps to make sure their children are as prepared as possible for the transition to sixth grade. The middle school years are some of the most challenging and rewarding for parents and students. 

Parents spend a lot of time and energy making sure their children have every opportunity to be successful. You might assume success for your child will involve them completing high school, college, and beginning a rewarding career. However, there are no guarantees this process will lead your child to gainful employment. 

Events such as the Great Recession and the global COVID-19 pandemic have made it less certain that a bachelor’s degree fulfills the requirements your child will need to achieve financial security. However, from side-hustles to start-ups, if your child has creativity and entrepreneurial drive, they can carve out their own place in the global marketplace. 

Tips for Paying for Private School

Tuesday, 05 October 2021 00:50

From the weather to the theme parks to the medical care and food scene, there is a lot to love about living in the Orlando area. While we are fortunate to count high-quality public schools as one of the advantages of being in central Florida, many parents are searching for alternatives to traditional public education. 

You may be convinced that private school is the best option for your child. The question may then be, how do you pay for it? In this article, we are providing seven tips for paying for private school with less stress.