From the Head of School

The Crenshaw School offers students a distinctive learning environment through an established program of educational innovation.

Our dedication to a student-centered approach to learning facilitates critical personal connections between students and faculty. At The Crenshaw School we firmly believe that such connections are fundamental in the process of educational development and the pursuit of excellence for all students.

We also recognize that we are preparing students for the 21st century in which the only constant will be change. To that end, our academic program requires that students go beyond mastering basic traditional skills and become fully prepared for the challenges ahead. We require students to reflect critically, develop transferable skills, and above all to think, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate. In short, our educational process prepares students to thrive in college and in life within our global community.

We pride ourselves on a cohesive sense of community and a pervasive friendliness, as well as a commitment to sensitivity and awareness. In my view, The Crenshaw School is a very special place, and upon review I am sure you will find the same.

I encourage you to study this information carefully and to visit the campus to learn more about our remarkable school. Together we can make your child’s learning experience truly outstanding.

Brenda Crenshaw

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